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I have spent many years studying and practising natural therapies and have a strong desire to help others on their healing journeys...





Ayurveda means (ayu = life - veda = science) the science of life.  Ayurveda originates from the ancient Vedas (there are 4 Vedas) written 5,000 years ago by great Sages.

The ancient writings explain how man/woman can attain harmony within themselves and with nature.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle - is to maintain the health in healthy people and help manage disease in the sick.  Ayurveda treats the whole person.  Daily and seasonal practises and various therapies are given in the texts to maintain the health.





Utilizing ancient herbal remedies to treat common and complex complaints and also tonics as a preventative.  Diet and lifestyle - to bring about balance.  Treating the whole person.





Yoga  means to yoke or to join.  It unites the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.


Yoga harmonises the body, mind and emotions through the practise of postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), mudra (psychic attitudes), bandha (physical locks), shatkarma (cleansing techniques), relaxation (yoga nidra),  concentration and meditation (dharana and dhyana).  


Reiki is of Japanese origin and means - rei = higher wisdom and ki = life-force energy.


It is a system of hands on healing and distance healing - handed down by the founder of this technique Dr Mikao Usui through a long lineage of practitioners to the present times utilising healing symbols, intention and treatment techniques.  

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“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the

clouds, everything.” 



"I met Kali 3 years ago (2018) when I was looking for a yoga class and I had discovered Kali’s class. I loved it from the beginning as Kali made me feel welcomed from the very beginning. 

I found out that Kali is a herbalist  and  Ayurveda practitioner. So, I had decided to ask Kali for a consultation as I was going through menopause and was needing a little help to cope with the symptoms. At first, I was a little sceptical, but my doubt was quickly erased as after a thorough consultation, Kali kindly explained to me how the herbs are going to help me and how much better I am going to feel. After a few weeks on the treatment recommended by Kali, all my symptoms have disappeared and everything returned to normal.

After this experience, when my husband had an anxiety attack and was in need of quick expert advice, I knew who to call. Kali sensed the urgency and made it possible for my husband to see her on an emergency basis. Calling Kali turned out to be the best choice because, even after 6 months, my husband has not had any more anxiety attacks.

I cannot express it in words how much Kali has helped me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone with all my heart, as I know that people would get the real help that they need." 

Corina M. 

Beauty & Massage Therapist


"Kali is a dedicated, inspiring yoga teacher. She has been a strong influence in my yoga practice having taught me through her integral yoga technique over a number of years. Kali’s yoga studio is quiet, comfortable and central to Fremantle. Her style of teaching has always been gentle but strong, encouraging individual progress at one’s own pace. I particularly love her Yoga Nigra classes. I can highly recommend Kali’s yoga studio."

Sally S.

Artist & Teacher       

“I found my consultation with Kali highly beneficial. Kali was thorough, present, and approachable and I felt I could easily and safely share my health concerns with her. Kali provided me with a comprehensive handout after the session, full of diet advice and recipes for my constitution and personal health issues and various activities and practices suited for my age and health. I even received a detailed Marma point chart making it easy and clear to me of how to improve my lower back pain and yoga exercises particularly suited for my back and joint issues. 

I am happy to recommend Kali. She is knowledgeable and generous with sharing her knowledge to benefit her clients. Her love and passion for Ayurveda and Yogic practices are evident and contagious." 


Eva A.


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